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Ujda Chaman Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Sunny Singh, Maanvi Gagroo, Saurabh Shukla, Karishma Sharma, Aishwarya Sakhuja, Sharib Hashmi

Director: Abhishek Pathak

What’s Bad: Loud, at your face, half-baked (just like Chaman’s hair), a very-long short length (120 minutes turning into ages)

What’s Good: The fact that I came out of my audi with all my hair intact!

What’s Bad: Loud, at your face, half-baked (just like Chaman’s hair), a very-long short length (120 minutes turning into ages)

Loo Break: Three songs, few of the sequences, climax, the entire movie

Watch or Not?: Only if you’re getting paid for it!

You know, Sunny Singh’s character isn’t reviled with untimely thinning up top, he’s significantly reviled for having two stupid guardians. Who the ef names their child as Chaman? The producers don’t stop here, they’ve given him a pet name as ‘Chomu’ in light of the fact that why not? In this way, Chaman is bare and therefore, we face ‘the same number of as the quantity of hair on our head’ futile hair references. From a road side salon cleaning his shop brimming with hair to a person attempting to offer a brush to Chaman, the entirety of this occurs in the initial ten minutes. Chaman is a tragic, virgin, horny, mostly unpleasant and uncovered 30-year-old single man who is paying special mind to somebody to get hitched with. This is on the grounds that an intellectual in Chaman’s family has anticipated, that he’ll bite the dust as a single man on the off chance that he doesn’t get hitched by the age of 31. Along these lines, Chaman introduces Tinder, Chaman keeps the showcase picture editing his egghead, Chaman meets his match Apsara (Maanvi Gagroo), Chaman denies her since she’s fat, Chaman chu**** hai (tum nahi!), don’t resemble Chaman. Ujda Chaman Movie Review: Sunny Singh's Film Is 'Hair, There & Everywhere'

Ujda Chaman Movie Review: Script Analysis

“Dilo ki baat karta hai zamana, mohabbat aaj bhi chehro se shuru hoti hai” – such a splendid idea to rotate a story around. Danish J Singh takes a conceivably decent story initially composed by Raj B. Shetty and wreckage heaps all up. So as to change a few perspectives, he loses the appeal and oddity factor the first had. The more you see the film, the more you’ll feel how the creators have picked an off-base exit so as to take a simple way out. The story was prepared (adjusted from Ondu Motteya Kathe) and the best they should’ve done it is to reorder the material. Film Lessons #101: If you’re revamping a film, change the story just on the off chance that you figure it will be superior to the first. Indeed, even at 120 minutes, the length of the film is a major issue and that is the place it comes up short – to keep the crowd interested. The most significant edge of bare and fat-disgracing is squandered and seems, by all accounts, to be a hauled parody.

Ujda Chaman Movie Review: Star Performance

Bright Singh goes uni-dimensional for Ujda Chaman. Indeed, it requested a controlled presentation yet Sunny never gets up from his lethargic character sketch. With two or three comparative articulations, he figures out how to involve most extreme screentime which gets baffling by the end. Maanvi Gagroo is at her standard thing ‘great’ in the film. She’s a good entertainer yet needs a break to break the shackles she’s in. Saurabh Shukla includes one more ‘squandered appearance’ to his long filmography. Atul Kumar and Grusha Kapoor are great as Chaman’s mother and father. The very wonderful Karishma Sharma does her part well. She sparkles in a ‘little dog face’ scene, deservingly so. Sharib Hashmi conveys a sincere presentation. Aishwarya Sakhuja fits in flawlessly for her job.

Ujda Chaman Movie Review: Direction, Music

Abhishek Pathak, the man who upheld the Pyaar Ka Punchnama establishment, invasions into bearing with Ujda Chaman and it’s perfect. On the off chance that you skirt the wreckage made by the story, Pathak takes the fundamental course of bearing and does nothing extravagant. He could well-lead a film with a decent story however this was anything but a decent first ball for him. Aside from Guru Randhawa’s Outfit (end-credits tune) none of the three tunes by Gourov-Roshin leave any effect on the story. Every one of them simply expand the horrendous pace of the film.

Ujda Chaman Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Ujda Chaman lacks what it takes to be an entertaining film. The humour falls flat, no strong supporting cast to keep you hooked, a story that can be done with in a single line – all of this is churned and processed for 120 minutes frustrating the life out of you.

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