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Glad Birthday Shah Rukh Khan – The Baadshah of Bollywood ringed his 54th birthday celebration today and his fans were very anxious to wish the on-screen character at 12 PM. Individuals in thousands accumulated around the entertainer’s Bandra house, Mannat to see a look at the megastar. Shah Rukh additionally pursued his custom and ventured out in his overhang to welcome his caring fans.Notwithstanding the substantial rains in Mumbai, Shah Rukh fans came in bounty to wish the star. Wearing an easygoing dark sweatshirt and light shaded bottoms, Shah Rukh Khan looked very glad to see his fans outside his home. SRK waved at them so as to offer his thanks towards them and made a gesture of blowing kisses for his numerous fans. The fans also were very glad to see SRK and many tossed shirts that they made for him.

What was even more pleasant for the fans than just seeing Shah Rukh Khan on his birthday was a chance to see how humble he is. Shah Rukh Khan asked his fans to lower their cheers as his neighbours were sleeping. He signalled his fans with a sleeping action asking them to be a little softer. This gesture won many hearts as his fans tweeted about it all over social media.


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